The Columbia Lion's editors say the escort's stories are true.

Just call him Fella Knox.

An anonymous Columbia student claiming to be New York’s male answer to the infamous Duke porn star has penned his own racy tell-all for a college blog.

“I’m a Prince Charming,” the male escort wrote to the Columbia Lion earlier this week, alleging he’s earned $800 to pop balloons during one encounter and scored $15,000 for an all-expenses paid trip to Tuscany with benefits.

“I’m a Boyfriend Experience escort literally marketed to create the illusion of a romantic relationship,” he said, bragging that his going rate is $1,200 for four hours, which includes dinner and sex. “Most of my clientele comprises neglected wives, divorced mothers, and shy women who have a hard time connecting.”

The Lion’s editors swear by the sordid tale. “We verified the author’s background, and though he wishes to remain anonymous, he is in fact a male escort who attends class at Columbia like any of us,” they wrote in an editor’s note.