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Athletic,slim and stunningly beautiful Alona is a delight to be with. Full of energy and always ready for an adventure, Alona is a vivacious and bubbly girl who will leave you exhausted from all the fun you will have with her. With classic features and a perfectly toned body, she is one of our most popular models for informal dates. This 21 year old beauty loves the beach and likes showing off her shapely body in a two piece bikini. She is 5’7" and has long shapely legs that seem to melt into her barely concealed thighs which she likes to flaunt in the short dresses she usually wears.You will love every second that you spend with her and she will make sure that you have an amazing time. She will accommodate you in every way possible and will ensure that you enjoy your time with her. Lusty and unabashed, Alona will not shy away from letting you know exactly how much she wants you.

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