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Melissa is very friendly and open minded. She loves to meet new people and have their way; it’s a great way to experience the world and the endless options it has to offer if you’re not determined to only do things one way. Melissa loves an adventure, and sees any and every experience as an opportunity for adventure, although her work as a travel escort means she never has to search far. She loves the feminine, and somewhat delicate, but powerfully sexy shoe designs seen manifested in the form of Jimmy Choo heels, as well as the trendy and artistically designed looks that come in the form of heel by Christian Louboutin. Classic dresses and high heels are necessary wardrobe staples for Melissa and she wears them well, every time. Discreetly pulling it all together and adding to the total air of sexiness that comes with the combination of her attitude and self-certainty as well as what you can see on the outside is lingerie from Victoria’ Secret, Agent Provocateur, or La Perla. 

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